As a business owner, elementary school teacher, and mother of 3 kids, Jill White was in charge of packing suitcases for 5 people, for family vacations and business trips. She found herself frantically trying to plan each of her outfits to match accessories, with her jewelry, sprawled messily all over her bed. This frustrating chore later came to define the major “aha” moment in the development of Jewels to Jet.

By designing 2 interchangeable necklaces and a bracelet with magnetic closures and adding earrings, then placing all of them in a sleek jewelry clutch, the tedious “packing and matching” problem was solved! Now everyone can purchase each Jewels to Jet set in a clutch, and toss it into a suitcase, for timesaving convenience.


Jewels to Jet has developed into a determined team of hardworking individuals, each with a fresh perspective and a unique mindset. When asked about her intentions of starting her own jewelry line, Jill proudly boasts that she was “looking to make a difference in the busy, day-to-day lives of women of all ages and also impact the fashion world at the same time.” Her vision has since come true. Jewels to Jet is now recognized as an affordable, trendy line with comfort and convenience at the forefront of the design.



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Beach party all year round. This beautiful, colorful set from Jewels To Jet captures the warm fun of a fiesta every day of the year! Breathtaking multicolored crystals and beads in a variety of shapes and sizes will make this one of the most versatile sets in our collection. Whether dressing up a little black dress or lounging outdoors, this Jewels To Jet set will keep you on fashion point.


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This magnificent set embraces the fun and bohemian chic while capturing all the glamour of today’s brightest looks. Dazzling drop beaded crystals in warm topaz tones and real turquoise make the necklace absolutely gorgeous. The single strand necklace/choker and bracelet are adorned with warm copper, crystal, and genuine turquoise beads.


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While the smoldering topaz and gold plated choker features an abundance of sparkling beads in warm, smoky hues, thick ropes of golden tones and luminous rhinestones tie it all together for a one of a kind look. A lavish, full-length necklace of rich topaz toned, multifaceted beads, includes a sparkling rhinestone clasp and gorgeous diamond beads. Pair all this with dazzling drop earrings or fabulous studs. This set is perfect for day or evening.


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 What could be more elegant than a timeless classic exclusively from Jewels To Jet? Luminous pearl beads in descending sizes are the perfect style accompaniment for any event! Sparkling crystals add a contemporary twist to the ageless elegance of pearls in this dazzling single strand necklace and bracelet. Classic and perfect for any event.


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