Jonathan Tucker is a prolific actor that has taken the television world by storm. The Boston native has repeatedly demonstrated that some of the best and most pivotal roles in cinema and television are those portrayed by supporting characters, showing that evenhaving a minor part, can help add to the bigger story. Never playing the same character twice, Tucker is drawn to archetypical roles and channels the raw energy once seen in a young Brando, Sean Penn or James Dean.




Tucker is more likely to be seen on television series, than in films. The actor has grown to prefer the platform of television, as it reaches an audience more easily.  Regardless of ratings, television viewer bases have a more significant guarantee than film.    

Some of Jonathan’s most recent works include HBO’s Westworld, FX’s Snowfall as well as Justified, Starz’s American Gods and Audience Network’s Kingdom. Whether it be the world of Mixed Martial Arts, an old-time gunman in a modern-day Western or a Vietnam War veteran with PTSD in 1980’s Los Angeles’ notorious drug scene, Jonathan enjoys roles and stories that contain raw and authentic emotions. 




It takes an immense amount of talent to be able to play a young Irish American male struggling between his passion of becoming an artist and taking care of his three brothers, while getting involved in New York City’s organized crime scene (Black Donnellys) to being a politician and the mayor of Berkeley, California (Parenthood). The diversity of the characters Jonathan plays make him stand out as an actor, as he cannot be pigeonholed into one type of role. 

Mr. Tucker is currently filming the first season of City on a Hill; a Showtime crime drama set in Boston during the early 1990s and will be working alongside Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge on the drama. Though he hails from Boston, he had not read anything since J. Anthony Lukas’ Pulitzer-Prize-winning book Common Ground that evoked hometown pride, until he read the talented Chuck MacLean’s script. He is excited to be working with executive producers, and fellow Bostonians Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, who shed light onto the city of Charlestown, as well as other specific neighborhoods, characters, storylines and themes and introduce them to a greater audience. 


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Dedicated to giving characters and subcultures that do not usually get the type of spotlight and attention they deserve, as an actor and artist, Tucker loves being able to share and tell these underrated stories. Mr. Tucker is happily not typecast; this allows him to play a diverse range of characters, all with different layers and backgrounds. Having this type of freedom allows Mr. Tucker to truly understand his characters and unveil what lies beneath the surface. Though the characters he portrays lean toward a more serious and even dark side, Jonathan tries to have fun with these roles and often introduces a sense of levity during intense moments and settings; these are the types of roles that excite Jonathan most and what he wants to be associated with for all time. 




Jonathan is a one-of-a-kind actor; he genuinely cares about the roles he plays, trying to represent the characters and their stories as accurately as possible.  He is at a point in his career where he is not just trying to please everyone, but rather collaborate and create something beautiful together.

Mr. Tucker is quite humble and knows that everyone, himself included, is fallible and that his style of acting will not work with every type of genre and is more than fine with that. The most significant breakthrough that Mr. Tucker has had as an actor is being no longer afraid of failure and being able to take something away from each acting experience. A considerable part of the film and television industry is establishing relationships, and even though there have been many times in which Tucker did not get the specific role he auditioned for, his hard work and dedication to his craft did not go unnoticed and has often led him to future collaborations and partnerships with producers and directors.  




Tucker gives 110 percent when portraying a character and is willing to take risks, regardless of the criticism he might receive. When preparing for a new role, Tucker often looks at his own life and experiences, observations and past roles and sees how he can incorporate those details into his developing character. The minute details that most people tend to overlook are some of the most critical when creating and getting into the mindset of a new character. It forces Jonathan, to pay attention and be curious about the world around him. Being an actor gives Jonathan the opportunity to empathize and experience different scenarios, such as having your car break down in the middle of the desert with no sunscreen or water, which in real life he would not usually get the chance to encounter.  

One of the significant aspects of working in the entertainment industry is that it can reach people on a personal level.  Jonathan very much enjoys being in service to others, whether through acting or for non-for-profit work with charities.  Mr. Tucker and a friend of his from high school started the not-for-profit charity, The Pegasus Fund, which takes top performing students from underserved communities in the Los Angeles area and sends them to a non-academic camp for three consecutive summers to enjoy a summer camp experience. The fund is also aimed to help the students acclimate an often private secondary school in which they have already shown interest. Jonathan finds it gratifying to know that he and, people in general, have the power to touch somebody else’s life, no matter how big or small. 

Jonathan Tucker is definitely an actor to keep an  eye out for. You never know what kind of role he might play next.  


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