kashaThe work of Artist Kasha Ritter is truly unique. Not only does she have her own individual style, she also creates her striking images using a technique that she discovered on her own and has honed through the production of 100s of works. All work is created without a paintbrush. Acrylic ink is splashed, poured, dripped, diluted and then manipulated, with a glass eye dropper allowing Ms. Ritter to create lively, colorful images that are almost a cross between abstract and realist art.Living on Martha’s Vineyard she incorporates sand from the beaches of MV for a truly unique touch.She is known for quality in her custom and commissioned pet portraits along with personalized abstracts for any home.




Contact Kasha at [email protected] to order your art, follow her new work on Facebook: Kasha Ritter Fan Page or Instagram: @kasharitter and see over 200+ pieces of her artwork at https://kasharitter.com

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