Luxury French fashion house, Leonard Paris, has announced the launch of their first U.S. Holiday Capsule Collection, created exclusively for the American market. For the collection, Artistic Director Christine Phung drew upon Founder Daniel Tribouillard’s Japanese-inspired designs – items of which once helped make the Kimono fashionable again in Japan. Pieces such as the ever-popular jersey dress, which continues to be the brand’s best-selling product, will be available in the collection, as well as Leonard’s signature silk dresses. The collection marks a triumphant return to the American market and comes on the heels of news that Nathalie Tribouillard Chassaing, Daniel Tribouillard’s daughter, has succeeded her father as CEO. However, the exotic flowers and colorful prints will remain part of the House DNA, with a new interpretation of the iconic prints made to fit every season.



“The first spring flowers break the film of snow which covers the entire landscape resembling a multitude of miniscule touches of icy colors. They are regrouped in small bunches or isolated by frost. This seasons floral prints are pointillists, composed of a multitude of small graphic flowers or an iris, solitary and graceful.”- Inspiration for the Fall-Winter 2017 collection.



Shoppers across the country can save a trip to Paris to find stylish, chic gifts with French savoir-faire this holiday season.



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Leonard Paris is a family company which has been transmitting and perpetuating its expertise for over 60 years. It all began in 1958 when Daniel Tribouillard started a new company: Leonard Fashion. A man of artistic temperament, Tribouillard set out to differentiate the brand in Haute Couture. In 1960, he launched a revolutionary new process for printing English weaves, that was very fashionable at the time but said to be “unprintable.” His clients were won over and the bold young man was applauded across the globe. In just a few years, encouraged by the success of his much-loved floral prints, Tribouillard brought the Leonard brand to the world. He developed his style by adopting the orchid as an emblem: a delicate wild flower “without geometric limits”. Indeed, Leonard’s originality is founded on a unique and recognizable style shared by all of its designs – and also, the fabrics used. In 1968, Daniel Tribouillard presented his first collection of printed silk jersey dresses. In the early 70s, the House diversified its production and created its own distribution network. In 1994, the House of Leonard joined the French ‘Féderation de la Couture’ and performed its first fashion show at the





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