By Kenza Salahdine.

New Yorkers tend to have the habit of using butter to cook or enjoy an appetizer while Europeans commonly use oil, particularly olive oil. The olive has been used in Europe since antiquity. Olive is rich in E vitamins, natural antioxidants and is very healthy as it lowers bad cholesterol.
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Resident had the pleasure of participating in an intimate extra virgin olive oil “Tasting Master Class” with world-renowned expert, Lou DiPalo and specially made food and cocktail pairings by Chef Andrea Tiberi, featuring the Redoro family’s own olive oil.
These astonishing oils, owned by Redoro’s family for generations, are created in their hometown, Verona, a city located in northern Italy in the famous region that is Veneto, which is known for the setting of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. The rarity and uniqueness of its favors really makes the difference while cooking. Only few drops in mouth are sufficient to feel the freshness and sweetness of its taste.
Every type of oil that is cultivated possesses a singular taste, color, flavor and aroma from one region to another. This is due to the variation of climate and soil in each region, allowing each region to have its proper “signature”. 

To keep the aroma and freshness of a bottle of oil after its opening, it must be consumed within three months and kept in a fresh area.
If you want to enjoy Redoro’s oil’s, please visit their website at

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