Luggage To Ship is created beyond experience in shipping and mail forwarding Services. Our Philosophy is to provide best service & best rate to our Customers no matter what. Shipping your luggage is so easy.



How Luggage Forwarding Works

1: Booking

Sign up and Book online anytime, by phone or by email. Simply choose the amount and type of luggage you would like to ship, select service types and schedule with pick up date or delivery date,

Pack Your Luggage Safely

“Luggage to Ship” ships various types of luggage, including carry-on luggage, standard luggage, oversized luggage, golf club, snow board, skis, bikes and any other luggage box. Prepare your luggage as a normal airline travel. Use TSA approved luggage locks for luggage shipment. Ensure fragile items are properly wrapped.

Receive Your Shipping Labels by Email or Mail

Once your shipping order is processed, we will email you shipping labels and shipping instructions. You just need print out labels and stick Them to your luggage.”Luggage to Ship” will also mail you shipping labels upon your order requirement. You can get the label package in 1 to 2 business days.

2: We Pickup or You Drop Off

Pickup from Anywhere or Drop Off Luggage at over 25,000 locations

“Luggage To Ship” picks up luggage from home, office, hotel, golf course, cruise ship, and more locations around the world at your preferred time. You don’t need waste time waiting for the pick-up, leave luggage to your door man, golf course, cruise, we will find the package according to your pick up instruction in the order. If your shipment is urgent, you can also drop off your luggage at our shipping partner’s location. Luggage To Ship has over 25,000 drop off location all over the world.

Track and Monitor Luggage Shipment

“Luggage To Ship” will track your luggage many times every day until it is delivery. The real-time tracking result will be shown up in our system. Our experienced service team monitors your shipment tightly, coordinate shipment exceptions and ensure on time delivery of your luggage shipment.


3: Luggage Delivery On Time Guaranteed

Deliver Luggage to Door

Luggage To Ship, ships luggage to every zip code in USA and over 220 countries all over the world. Your luggage will be delivered to door within scheduled time. The delivery place can be your home, office, hotel, golf course, cruise ship, school and more. Once your luggage is delivered, an email notification will be sent to you.

On time Guarantee

If your luggage is delayed more than 12 hours, we will refund the shipping fee and reimburse up to $500 for incidental expenses. No matter for what reason your trip was canceled, we guarantee that your luggage will be ship back to you at no charge.

Register With Us today and enjoy an easier, lighter and smarter trip!

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