Lauren Bush Lauren, Sharon Bush==Women in the World Sixth Annual Summit Opening Night - Dinner==Lincoln Center, NYC==April 22, 2015==©Patrick McMullan==Photo - Paul Bruinooge/ ==

Lauren Bush Lauren, Sharon Bush==Women in the World Sixth Annual Summit Opening Night – Dinner==Lincoln Center, NYC==April 22, 2015==©Patrick McMullan==Photo – Paul Bruinooge/ ==


Sharon Bush & Lauren Bush Lauren
Sharon Bush hosted a private reception that saluted her daughter Lauren Bush Lauren and her FEED Foundation at the opening night of the New York Art, Antique and Jewelry Show. Scott Diament, CEO of the Palm Beach Show Group, presented Bush Lauren with a check for $10,000 that will allow the organization to feed 90,000 meals. The show, which featured more than a billion dollars’ worth of rare and one of a kind treasures, opened with a private VIP Preview for collectors, aficionados, curators and art fans from around the globe on November 9th Open to the public through the 13th at Pier 94 at 711 12th Avenue, the fair included more than 100 international exhibitors, including M.S. Rau Antiques, Pat Saling, Rehs Gallery, The Emporium, Macklowe Gallery, Oriental Treasure Box, Willow Gallery and Jeff R. Bridgman Antiques, whose “Vote for Women” sash was gifted to Hillary Clinton on her birthday from her daughter Chelsea and her husband Marc Mezvinsky.




The Palm Beach Show Group
The New York Art, Antique & Jewelry Show is put on by the Palm Beach Show Group and Scott Diament. “Pier 94 allows us to plan, design and deliver a much bigger, world-class event in Manhattan,” explained Diament. “We have amassed one of the best dealer participation lists of any show anywhere. For us, it’s very exciting to steward the progression of the show, which continues to grow each year. Now that we are at Pier 94, we are able to expand our offerings and showcase these amazing offerings in one of the greatest collecting areas on the planet earth – New York.” Palm Beach Show Group is one of the world’s preeminent production companies with eleven important annual shows including Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, New York, and the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art and Antique Show that opens at the Palm Beach Convention Center from February 15th – 21st.Diament, a certified gemologist with a string of jewelry stores, founded the Palm Beach Show Group after exhibiting at shows in Europe and noting the contrast with those in the United States. When Diament heard that there were plans to build the Palm Beach Convention Center, he and his partners decided to secure Presidents’ Day Weekend and bring in a European style fair. The inaugural show took place in 2004 with dealers from around the world. At the same time, it became one of the largest art, antique and jewelry show in U.S. history.
3-royal-blue-diamondHow to Start a Collection
Bill Rau, a third generation antiques dealer and owner of M.S Rau Antiques in New Orleans, showcased a rare first edition Wedgewood Portland Vase for $50,000, a 10.06 carat ring named The Royal Blue priced at $9.6 million. “I have theory that I believe to be true; there are the rules for all collectibles,” explained Rau. “If you love 19th Century paintings or are an expert in that and you want to learn about paintings by the Old Masters, I think what you have to learn is only about 15%, because 85% of those rules are the same.” Rau explains of how he became knowledgeable in so many niche collectibles categories. “If you’re an expert in painting, and you want to learn about jewelry, that might be the biggest difference, that might be 30% different, but the majority of the guidelines are going to be the same,” he says. Those general rules: Is the piece in good condition? Is it rare? Is it unique? Does it come with papers? Does the origin matter? Is it signed? Those rules are going to be the same whether you’re talking about jewelry or paintings, and then, obviously, you have to learn the 30% different rules,” Rau says. “I was blessed, obviously, because I grew up in the business, so I learned a number of things very early.”



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