Maison Marcel

As the city warms up, it’s time to celebrate the summer with a bottle of Maison Marcel Rosé. Named after their grandfather, Marcel was a charismatic lad who had the finest taste in dining. The young charmer met his match in a woman who didn’t like rosé. In order to sweep her off her feet, the wine connoisseur concocted Maison Marcel, a new take on French Rosé. The sweet blend of Grenache, Merlot along with a hint of Black Moscato melted her heart and the two embarked on a journey of love. The spirit represents summer with its undertones of litchi, peach, and rose notes to enhance the fresh, floral, and divine taste. This achieve the perfect balance within the Rosé that elevate the flavor profile.

Whether you’re sunbathing along the poolside, lounging on a yacht or relaxing at a posh beach club, while sipping on your glass of rosé, don’t forget to splash in a handful of ice to savor every bit of the wine.


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Enjoy it ice cold or follow these simple recipes:

Summer Spritz recipe:
•4 oz. of Maison Marcel Rosé
•Top with 2-3 oz. of sparkling wine
Serve over ice in a big glass and garnish with a grapefruit slice.

Pack a Punch to your drink:
•4 oz. of Maison Marcel Rosé
•0.75-1 oz. of Bulldog Gin
•Top with sparkling wine
Serve over ice with a grapefruit wedge.

And if you want to add some herbal notes, toss a sprig or two of thyme in the cocktail. It will liven and add complexity nice and add complexity to an already refreshing summer drink.

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