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By Hillary Latos.

The Man Behind J Lo's Tresses, Marco MaranghelloWith a discerning eye and unmatched flair, Marco Maranghello arranges tresses into stately statements. As a maestro of the tresses, A-list celebrities such as J Lo, who has been a loyal customer for over 18 years have Marco to thank for their gorgeous locks and extensions. In an era where the digital pace of change has many rushing to adopt the latest trend, Marco is an indisputable standard-bearer for timeless beauty. This has earned him a coveted spot as the top stylist at the John Barrett salon and his work has been highlighted in top fashion publications, such as Vogue , Bazaar , InStyle , and Town & Country . Now, this hairdressing authority is getting ready to make a splash with his di Mare Hair Collection.
Marco has developed this line of hair pieces over a period of 18 years, while working in high-end hair salons. His familiarity with hair texture and color lend him the knowledge necessary to produce the right product match for each hair type. Most notably, Marco’s line features extensions that are silky soft and weightless. His Great Length Ultrasonic Extensions add length and suppleness to any head of hair. These have been featured on the runway, at the Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Versace, and Marchesa fashion shows.


While di Mare is exclusively availabThe Man Behind J Lo's Tresses, Marco Maranghellole at the John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf Goodman, plans for its expansion to other luxury outlets are underway. Marco’s goal is to become the leading purveyor of finely made hair extensions, continually spinning tresses that are worth gold to the women he helps to transform. As he puts it, “Hair is an extension of a woman’s personality. I have made it my goal to help each client embrace and exhibit their distinctiveness through their hairstyle.”
Marco’s vision also extends to charity. He has donated individually styled wigs and other hairpieces to cancer patients and survivors who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. He has witnessed, up close, the transformative power of a great hairstyle on some of these recipients. “It sounds like such a small detail, but it can really change a person’s outlook on life,” he asserts.
Just as Marco can inspire women to feel their best with a new look, he looks to them for inspiration. It’s a symbiotic relationship that continues to produce outstanding results and is already generating great expectation regarding the next chapter in his ascension.


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