Meet Photographer EVAN GUTTMAN


Behind the lens of our esteemed covers and all of our beautiful fashion and beauty spreads is talented photographer Evan Guttman. From shooting inside $60 Million penthouses to private jets, Evan’s eye keeps our covers and editorials fresh and engaging which capture the essence of the luxury lifestyle. At EvanWasHere Photography, photographer and owner, Evan Guttman specializes in bringing out your inner beauty. For over a decade, Evan has been experimenting with color, lights, shadows, and reflections to capture his client’s essence. By working with first timers, professional models, as well as celebrities, Evan has mastered creating a comfortable environment for all his clients, regardless of their experience as models in front of a camera. His work has been featured in Resident Magazine, Maxim, FHM, Newsweek, Access Hollywood, Stuff Magazine, CNN, Good Morning America, 20/20, and more. He has helped aspiring models to get on TV shows such as America’s Next Top Model and the Janice Dickinson Model Agency.

D40CE711-934B-4371-9821-62C15DF0771F20160407_112201Aside from portrait photography, Evan’s extensive background includes shooting jewelry, editorials, corporate clients, and pets. Either in his state-of-the-art studio, other studios around NYC, or on location, Evan is able to exceed client’s expectations and deliver projects on time.As talented as he is as a photographer, Evan’s illustrious career started in finance and designed technology for trading floors for a decade. Then, he left the financial world to run a small jewelry company as their CIO, expanding their brand internationally online, into a major ecommerce success story. Now he has taken his technical knowhow and applied it to his photography.


Utilizing the newest Sony a7RII camera, shooting uncompressed RAW at an amazing 42megapixels, tethered to a Microsoft Surface 4 Pro tablet, he is able to show his clients their pictures seconds after it leaves the camera with corrects settings and filters already applied to them. It is advances like these, that makes Evan’s photography ahead of the game, and therefore Resident Magazine is truly honored to work with and showcase his tremendous talents.

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