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What do you think sets you apart from your peers?  
Simply, following through on what I say I’ll do. You have to be the whole package. You cannot have deficiencies in your pitch, ever. We are dealing with multi-million dollar properties. You HAVE to be on your “A” game.

One of biggest mottos that I harp on with the team is ‘preparation and presentation’
Prepare the night before for a big meeting/pitch and always be prepared for pitching clients on your regular day-to-day dealings. It sounds so simple but you’d be surprised how many agents don’t do it. It’s no wonder why 86% of all agents quit within their first 6 months. No one wants to prepare and do the hard stuff.

The sale/pitch starts from the MOMENT you make eye contact with your client or say your first hello on the telephone. Make it memorable, be punctual, be prepared, greet them with a warm and sincere smile, know your elevator pitch inside and out & the rest will fall into place. Being Managing Partners of “The Serhant Te…



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