Recreating the legendary notebook used by famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, a small Milanese publisher brought the notebook back to life with the help of a small French bookbinder back in 1997. Adapting to the advancement in technology, Moleskine has evolved from a simple back rectangle notebook with rounded corners and an elastic page-holder to a smart writing set.


President of Moleskine America, Mark Cieslinski describes Moleskine as “a premium inclusive journey brand for everyday life on the move. We hope that Moleskine inspires the journey by creating tools for creativity and capturing memories.” Starting with the notebook in 1997, Moleskine has created a whole ecosystem of tools ranging from travel accessories, phone covers, laptop computer cases, iPad covers.


Four years ago, on the verge of going public, Moleskine employed Cieslinski. Devoting his entire career to traditional consumer packaged goods, Cieslinski was ready to take on the challenge. “They were looking for some to be aperitif. Moleskine believed that our company was leaving the demographic it hoped to target.” Under Cieslinski’s leadership, Moleskine has embraced technology instead of running from it. “Cooperating with corporations such as Adobe and Evernote, it allows consumers to jot down notes and you upload it onto a cloud, edit it, sort it and share it in a digital sense.”


One of Moleskine’s latest releases is its smart writing set. Writing or drawing with an RFID pen, the notebook instantly captures writings and drawings and digitizes the notes therefore allowing consumers to write on paper but edit their work digitally. Cieslinski states that by cooperating with Star Wars, Simpsons and Harry Potter to release limited edition gifts, it will certainly put his company’s products at the top of everyones’ christmas list. Moving with the tides, Moleskine has launched its own Notes App for iPhone users and Neo Notes for Android users. The app allows consumers to store notes and sketches that lets you share, export, edit and search them too.

Branching out into the food and beverage industry, Moleskine established its own cafe in Milan four months ago. “The cafe is a combination of a coffee house, meeting place, art museum, and bookstore.” While the cafe is located solely in Milan, Cieslinski wants to examine “how the cafe has been developed, executed and performed before taking the next logical step.” Based in Milan, the company continues to reach across the globe by keeping pace with technology, making sure not to get left behind.

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