Rings and necklaces by Oliver Schmidt



Pearl necklaces by Gellner



Pure gold rope necklace by Wellendorff



Rings, necklace and antique crown by Rudolf Schupp



Necklaces and chains by Jasmina Jovi



Rings and necklace by Rosetattoos





Rings and pendant by Victor Mayer



Necklace by Frieda Dörfer


Photographer Udo Spreitzenbarth
Imaging Lorraine Baker and Davide Illiano
Makeup Alexander Becker
Hair Stefanie Schumann
Nail Artist Ewelina Smaza
Photo Assistants Thommy West and Frederik Dulay Winkler
Muses Jada Joyce, Laura Ahnert, Michelle Heintz, and Sintija Selicka
Special thanks to Albert Esslinger-Kiefer and the Gold City Pforzheim







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