SLS Team_Eleonora Srugo

Eleonara Srugo
Born and raised in the concrete jungle of New York City, Eleonara Srugo, one of the top brokers at Douglas Elliman, always had a flair for real estate. Graduating from Boston University, the brunette beauty initially found a job working for Comcast Networks but was recruited into the real estate business by a family friend.

Within a year of entering the business, Srugo became the top broker on the top producing team at her company. From selling ground up developments in Brooklyn to selling the largest single apartment located in flatiron, Srugo’s profile has been on the rise since finding her true calling.

A crucial factor to the broker’s success is that she never sees this business as transactional, while most brokers create temporary relationships with their clients, Srugo emphasizes the importance of viewing clients as long term relationships as real estate agents have to understand the personal needs and desires of their clients. The bilingual broker prides herself in providing clients with a full service. She states that clients are more than welcome to phone her up two years after a deal has been closed.

“Location, location, location,” is unfortunately not the most important thing when sizing up an apartment. Srugo states that while location is crucial, customers should always notice things that one is unable to change about the property such as window sizes, ceilings or if the apartment is a walkup. Clients need to carry out a period of browsing in order to know what they don’t want. However, Srguo does not want the process to be stressful. To her, shopping for houses is just like shopping for material goods, it should be fun.

Unaware of the obstacles and adventures that lie ahead, Srugo is enthusiastic about the future. A few years down the road, the company will be expanding into Brooklyn, a prospect Srugo is excited for.



SLS Team_Michael Lorber

Michael Lorber
Son of Howard Lorber, an established businessman in the real estate industry, Michael Lorber was born to be a broker.  After graduating from Babson College, he went onto earn a law degree from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, and finally a Master’s degree in Real Estate from New York University. While in Boston, Lorber got his feet wet running a firm but realize it was not his true calling because he desired to be out running the streets with clients.

While real estate may seem like a fallback careers targeted at divorcees or soccer moms, it is a booming industry as people realize that it is a sexy business. Seemingly overeducated for a broker, Lorber credits his education for his success. With million dollar savings involved, Lorber aims to provide guidance for his clients’s largest business transaction.

Previously starring on Million Dollar Listing, the charming broker stated that the show was not something he wanted to pursue longterm. He realized that his clients are more private and are reluctant to be featured on television. While the unknown excites Lorber, suffering from OCD makes it difficult to enjoy the excitement of never experiencing the same day twice.

Lorber laments that five years ago, there was not much exciting stuff to sell but that has all changed with the economy recovering. Although developers are ambitious with pricing, it’s a piece of cake for brokers to close the deal. However, Lorber is dejected at the sight of vanishing hotels. He states that while he understands that by converting older hotels into apartments, it generates millions of dollars, he very much prefers the magnificent architecture of grand hotels.


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