Campion Platt

Campion & Tatiana Platt, Katie Carpenter and Robin Melanie Leacock hosted a fundraising event on Sunday, July 31st from 5:30-7:30pm at the private home of Robin and Robert Leacock in Watermill, NY to restore the Audubon Islands Sanctuary in Palm Beach and restore its precious ecosystem making it accessible to everyone.

Palm Beach County recently approached Audubon Islands Sanctuary with a proposal to restore Bingham Island’s natural habitats as part of the renovation of the Southern Boulevard bridge. (Bingham Island is adjacent to and south of the Southern Bridge and causeway.) A number of Palm Beach residents suggested going beyond restoration to make the island a sanctuary for people too. In turn, fundraising efforts began and architect and interior designer Campion Platt will donate design and plans for the paths, yoga stations and overlooks.

Tatiana Platt. Joanna Ooi. Cricket BurnsThe Southern Boulevard Bridge construction is slated to begin this summer. The Audubon Islands Sanctuary hopes to have permits, plans and a budget ($750,000) in place so that the island restoration can take place concurrently.

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