Heading into October, children get excited thinking about the amount of candy they will be chomping down while teens only salivate at the thought of the number of beers they will chug. While trick or treating may only be for young kids, the fun and excitement of dressing up as your favorite superhero or cartoon character never gets old.


Throughout the years, halloween costumes has successfully taken virtual characters and brought them to life but Party City’s newest halloween costume collection has taken innovation to a new level. If you love using the flower crown filter on Snapchat, you are in luck. This boho chic outfit is certainly unique and most importantly, reusable on a daily basis.


Don’t fret superhero fans, Party City has got you covered. Staples such as Captain America, Superman and Batman remain popular but will certainly receive competition from Marvel’s latest hit movie, Deadpool. While we may not be invincible like superheroes, we can certainly dress the part.


Imagine Pokemon trainers battling with their respective Pikachus in real life, Party City Halloween has just fulfilled your dream. Its collection now includes costumes for trainers and a Pikachu onesie. With Halloween dated a week prior to the elections, expect there to be lots of Hillary and Donald at the party. The costume even includes a mask to give you the full experience. For anti-superhero fans, costumes for Harley Quinn and The Joker is definitely calling your name. If dressing up gets your adrenaline pumping, sharing the fun with your best friend will be an unforgettable experience.


You no longer have to sit in front of a computer searching for the perfect costume, Party City Halloween Costumes has got you covered. Whether you are hoping to assume the identity of Bruce Wayne’s alter ego or evolve into a Pokemon, Party City is sure to offer it.

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