When you ask Philip Michael where he sees himself in five years, he almost doesn’t want to tell you. He admits it sounds bold, cocky, and over the top.

philip michael

“I want to own a billion dollars of real estate by the end of the decade,” Michael, a Danish native who also serves in a director role at Bisnow Media, where he manages the national editorial team and $2 million native advertising department.

“I used to say that I wanted to be there by the time I turned 40, but that’s what I’m pushing towards now.”

For Michael, who has been everything from a SiriusXM radio host to a sportscaster before getting into the real estate business, 40 just seems too long of a wait … after all, he’s only 31 now.


Michael’s whirlwind career path to date has tinges of Howard Hughes, Sam Zell, and a touch…



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