Just a stone’s throw away from the water is the beautifully decorated Point Royal restaurant, run by head chef and leading culinary figure, Geoffrey Zakarian. Situated in the Diplomat Hotel, which recently underwent a $100 million renovation, this serene oasis is the perfect balance of tropical and tranquillity. The array of palms and other green foliage strategically placed around the room offer a pleasing sight to the dining experience. Guests will feel as though they’re dining in the jungle with the color palette consisting of ocean blues and light earthy browns, piercing through the dark green. The large lounge seats are an ingenious way to mimic the galley of a boat and to offer a great deal of seating. The geometric light fixtures that boldly dangle from the ceiling are immediate eye catchers from the moment you step in. They contrast well with the colours of the establishment, along with the theme of ocean serenity and luxury.



As for the menu, Zakarian lives up to his reputation and serves the best of the best of American Coastal cuisine. Covering everything from breakfast omelettes to dinner and a raw bar, Point Royal has everyone covered this summer. A dish, which is certainly not to be missed, is the butter-poached lobster roll that simply melts in your mouth. A whole main lobster is steamed and served intact to look like a lobster outside of its shell. A massive potato bun, soaked in glorious butter and toasted to a golden brown becomes the new home for the lobster. To top it all off the lobster swims in Zakarian’s signature Coleman’s mustard-spiked butter sauce.



The beverage menu offers everything from fun filled Tiki Cocktails Piñata Coladas to elegant and tasteful wines from Italy, France and beyond.



Point Royal at the Diplomat Resort
3555 South Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL
954 602-8750 • pointroyal-fl.com




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