New York is arguably the center of culture virtually unequalled anywhere in the world. Not only are the best artists-music, theater,  design and visual-represented in New York, but the number of galleries offers something for everyone.


There are exhibits such as one in Lower Manhattan where artists are encouraged to decorate the exterior walks of buildings. In Greenwich Village street vendors offer beautiful works of art for sale to passersby.


This opportunity for culture was on view this past weekend with a pop-up art show in Chelsea.



The pop-up, one-day-only Art Effect exhibit on Saturday at BravinLee programs (526 W. 26th Street) in introduced New Yorkers to the transformative new direction in art education that is being produced by One River School of Art + Design, the nation’s first network of contemporary art schools.

With 25 works by 11 art students aged 12-17, many of whom were on hand for the exhibit, Art Effect reflected the bold mission of One River School of Art + Design to “develop the next generation of Basquiats and Warhols,” as noted by the New York Times.


Founded in September of 2012, One River School of Art + Design has embarked on a mission to change art education in America. Its innovative art programs and exhibits have introduced suburban kids and adults to exceptional, creative learning experiences that are typically only available in major cities.


“Our interactive process focuses on current concepts, and celebrates the most important artists and themes of the last 50 years,” said Founder and CEO Matt Ross. “Simply, our proprietary method delivers an experience that changes people’s lives.”


For Art Effect, the students were selected from 300 applicants, based on quality of work and level of commitment to personal growth. Their reward was for their work to be exhibited in three major US cities: Boston, Philadelphia’s Savery Gallery and New York City.



“We wanted to test the ‘effect’ we could have on motivated young artists by creating an audacious goal, and challenging them to make the best artwork of their lives,” explained Ross. “As an educator, I’ve seen that we have helped them cultivate new ideas and techniques that will serve them for their lifetime, and they have produced some very impressive new artwork in the process.”


Ross, the former Founding CEO of School of Rock, will open another One River School on February 6, 2017 in Allendale, NJ. He recently announced an agreement for more One River School of Art + Design franchises to open in Frisco, Texas.


During the four-hour Art Effect exhibit, Ross provided curator presentations and discussions the One River School concept, while its young artists talked about their work and immersive experiences at the school.


Founded by Matt Ross in September of 2012 “one river” west of New York City, One River School of Art + Design has embarked on a mission to change art education in America by implementing a strategic franchise initiative which aims to add 100 new locations in major markets across America over the next five years. Its innovative flagship school in Englewood, NJ has taught thousands of students and established a new direction in art education. One River School’s exhibition program is dedicated to presenting contemporary artwork from some of the most compelling emerging artists in the world.




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