By Bob Nesoff


George Washington was known for his comment after chopping down the cherry tree when he said: “I cannot tell a lie. I did it.”

Today’s presidential candidates would rock old George to the core.

For the first time in 240 years we will know weeks in advance who the next president of the United States (POTUS) will be. Well, OK, we won’t know which one but the next Commander-in-Chief will be from New York.

Donald Trump, the native New Yorker and Hillary Rodham Clinton, a carpetbagger who now makes her home in Westchester, are the candidates for the two major parties. The minor party candidates haven’t even made a ripple on the political pond so there’s no need to even mention them: especially the one who has no idea what or where Aleppo is.

How did we come to the point where people are saying “You have to vote for the lesser of two evils?” When someone says that, you know that there is only a Hobson’s Choice where no matter which way you go, you’ll end up with evil.

With more than 320 million Americans polls have shown that both Trump and Hillary are the two most unpopular candidates ever to seek the office. One has difficulty in controlling his mouth while the other spews falsehoods almost every time it opens.

The scenario of “The” Donald” in a delicate negotiation with German’s Angela Merkle is mind-boggling. We can see it now:

“I love Germans. In fact, I love Germany and I love Angela. I know she loves me too. Germans love me.”

On the other hand we can see Hillary dealing with delicate issues of security for our troops and sensitive information:

“The embassy is in critical need of security? Stand down. What difference does it make now? I did not know that the letter “C” meant classified. I thought it was simply a designation for the paragraph as in A,B,C. Maybe they told me what it meant in one of the 33,000 emails I accidentally deleted after the government asked that they be preserved.”

And we are asked to believe that Bill, who aspires to becoming the first First Dude in our history, wants us to believe that he accidentally met with the Attorney General on an airport runway and they only discussed their grandchildren?

Seems the story really is that his plane was about to take off when he learned Loretta Lynch’s airplane was landing. He had the pilot abort the takeoff, waited until she rolled to a stop at a remote section of the airfield and then to her plane so that they could discuss their grandchildren.

Then, coincidentally, a brief time later James Comey exonerates her with some comments that she did not act properly. FBI agents went off the wall over Comey’s actions and effort to blame them. They said it was “…very highly irregular” to give an investigation suspect a “voluntary interview.” It was also irregular to allow her attorney, who was also under investigation, to be present during the interview.

“If I blew it, then they blew it as well,” Comey said in regard to his botched handling of the investigation. He set unprecedented ground rules for the investigation and then permitted the laptop owned by former Clinton Chief-of-Staff, Cheryl Miller to be destroyed, thus preventing congress from examining it. Miller was the attorney present during the interview.

Could the fact that FBI Director Comey’s ties to the Clinton Foundation have had anything to do with it? He was a director of Swiss Bank HSBC, a financial institution with close ties to the Clinton Foundation.

The agents were incensed that an investigation that took more than a year by Special Agents was wrapped up in an interview that lasted less than three and a half hours. And during that interview Hillary Clinton responded more than 40 times, saying “I don’t recall.”

If, while being interviewed under oath, a person professes not to remember, that person cannot be later charged with perjury.

But, as Clinton said: “What does it matter now?”

None of this should be taken as an endorsement of Donald Trump. This column does not make endorsements of political candidates. And, the truth be known, Trump has a closet full of skeletons of his own.

Aside from sycophants of either Trump or Clinton, many people feel that whichever one wins, the country will be in deep doo doo.


New York’s senior senator, Chuck Schumer, fondly know as “Sunday with Schumer” for his penchant of holding weekly press conferences on Sundays, has just irritated officials across the Hudson in New Jersey.

Following the recent deadly NJ Transit crash in Hoboken, Schumer has stepped up to the microphone to tell that state’s government officials what they should be doing to prevent such mishaps. Ignoring the fact that they had already taken steps to upgrade the safety of passengers, Schumer clambered over the border from a safe perch in New York to spiel or rail safety in New Jersey. At last count, Hoboken was not part of any New  York borough.

Perhaps we’ll have to wait until next Sunday to see if Chuck has anything to say about the Long Island Railroad derailment a few days later that sent 29 people to the hospital. It must have been a slow day in the life of the Senator.



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