Primp & Pamper


Primp & PamperFounder Janet League-Katzin, created this holistic wellness center, an oasis where busy New Yorkers can fully restore.  Janet’s personal journey to wellness has given her the holistic knowledge that she offers to others at Sphatika.  The body is affected by your environment, foods that you consume, stress, and anxiety.  The Sphatika Experience is designed to address the body’s need for deep restful sleep in order to restore and rejuvenate, which only occurs when the parasympathetic system is engaged. Through her research of ingredients, Janet carefully developed a 100% natural award-winning skincare line that attest to her standards of purity and integrity.


Primp & PamperThe best way to experience the rejuvenating benefits of a comprehensive treatment is through Sphatika’s 2 hour Signature Experience.  The first step towards detoxification starts with a 20 minute Far Infrared sauna where you are offered  a crystal to formulate your intention for your treatment. This Far Infrared sauna is designed to relax muscles, joints, and bones while releasing built in toxins from the body as soothing music erases any outside stresses.  Once in the treatment room the detoxification process continues. A gentle body rocking to align the spine and calms the central nervous system is followed by a gentle skin brushing and a lymphatic drainage massage.  To replenish hydration, a moisture mask is applied on the body that is absorbed into your skin. While the body is under the steam canopy the therapist performs a soothing lymphatic drainage facial with the rejuvenating effects of oxygen infused with hyaluronic acid to penetrate deeply under dermal layers.  After your body is fully relaxed the treatment concludes with a soothing cleanse of hot towels. Post treatment relish in the peaceful sanctity of their crystal sanctuary as your body will thank you for this restorative journey.  – Hillary Latos

Primp & Pamper


Limited Editon

Primp & PamperCelebrating the Chinese “Year of the Fire Monkey,” The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental in NYC has created a limited offering “Fire Monkey” treatment to stimulate the senses while relaxing your mind. Beginning with a soothing foot ritual using rose oil, a full-body exfoliation ensues incorporating chrysanthemum flowers. After a warm shower you’ll ignite your chakras with a “singing bowl” session and a soothing full body massage using a blend of ylang ylang, rose and chamomile oils. This 1 hour and 50 minute treatment leaves you feeling calm and relaxed, with silky smooth skin. The treatment is available through January 27, 2017.


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