60 Furman Street, Brooklyn, NY


Brooklyn’s latest haven of relaxation just opened at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. Find a sense of serenity at The Bamford Haybarn which is dedicated to nurturing the mind, body, and spirit by focusing on global wellness traditions. A fusion of Swedish, Indian and Asian therapies relax the body, while natural essences of geranium, rose and jasmine provide harmony and relaxation.


Created by wellness expert and organic pioneer Lady Carole Bamford, this full service 5,000 square foot spa offers Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Facials and Massage Treatment in a relaxing setting. The light interiors were inspired by traditional farming haybarns and natural elements with hand-carved wooden doors, rustic branch shelves, two full-size tree trunks in the lobby along with Bamford’s signature heart motif to create a sense of zen. Choose from a variety of different massage treatments including their Bamford Signature Treatment, which consists of a cleansing footbath followed by a Swedish massage. This 80 minute treatment goes deep into the muscles and uses the energy channels of the body to enhance a positive flow of energy throughout the body. Pamper yourself with the Bamford Bespoke Facial that nourishes the skin while utilizing jade stones and ancient yogic breathing to achieve deep relaxation. All of these treatments are specifically designed to make the client feel more at peace and provides a unique experience to relax and escape.


Enjoy a complimentary hand or foot scrub for any 50min spa service purchased at Bamford Haybarn Spa using the code RESIDENT. To book, call 347.696.2530 or visit





Whether its cosmetic or reconstructive procedures, celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. John Paul Tutela is an expert when it comes to facial rejuvenation. As we come off the heels of winter and head into spring, now it’s the perfect time for his three pronged approach for a spring refresher. “Now that we are in spring, we are heading to peel season where you can be more aggressive with your skincare to shed the dead skin of winter. It is important to be careful with peels and retinols as you start getting more sun exposure to avoid irritation. My three pronged approach can rejuvenate your face to get every part of it in order” says Dr. Tutela.


The first part is aggressive skincare such with a retinol base. The next step is to use fillers that target areas with volume loss which cast shadows on different areas of your face such as your nasolabial folds or under your eyes in the tear trough. This is followed by injecting neurotoxins such as Botox into your forehead, sides of your eyes or in between your eyebrows which blunts the power of the muscles and keeps your wrinkles from getting worse. By keeping your facial muscles from moving too dramatically it keeps the wrinkles on your face from getting worse, and even fades the wrinkles that you already have.”







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