For years, men were stuck in the Dark Ages only to emerge from the Primordial Ooze to extol the virtues of the perfect shave as the first and last stop on the “Testosterone Express”.


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The world of skin and body care products exploded and, for decades, men found themselves being buried alive in an acrid array of “manly” products that sent them scampering back to the cave to lick their wounds.  Thankfully, men have evolved and recognize they are a work in progress, finally ready to fully embrace the world of health and “beauty” with an open mind.  While it is not always easy, it is a necessary “evil” and, at times, a mythical journey.



For a time men continued to proudly display a plethora slightly used “stuff” as a part of their vast wasteland of products leaving them ready, willing, and able to embrace the man-friendly products by LATHER.   From soap to LATHER, Pasadena-based beauty entrepreneur Emilie Davidson Hoyt has made taking a bath both an art and a science for millions.  Her personal story is as unique as the products she creates.

Like so many millions of Americans, she lived with the debilitating effects of migraines:


I grew up ultra-sensitive to my surroundings, especially the chemicals and fragrances found in most cosmetic brands.  It was a lavender soap gift from my father that inspired me to explore natural healing products and to use my personal experience to help others. I decided to create LATHER as an alternative to synthetic-based skin care brands on the market


LATHER embraces the complexity of finding the perfect source ingredients while keeping packaging clean and simple, reflecting that what goes in the bottle remains more important than what goes on it. Another endearing quality is the ability for customers to return empty LATHER containers to their stores to receive 10% off their next purchase.




This assortment of botanically-based bath, wellness and aromatherapy products work in unison to relax and calm the body and senses and send any man off into a blissful slumber.



• Blue chamomile foaming bath treatment 8 oz: This sulfate-free treatment combines essential oils prized for their benefits during times of stress or insomnia with soothing and conditioning botanicals to leave skin feeling soft, moisturized and renewed.

Photo Credit: LATHER


• Art of Tea – Sleep Tea 1.5 oz (~23 servings): Based in Los Angeles, Art of Tea is a leading purveyor of fine organic and specialty teas that are carefully selected directly from growers across the world, ensuring that both employees and teas are treated with great respect.

• Quiet night relaxing balm 1 oz: Applied to temples, forehead, back of the neck, and under the nose, this aromatherapy balm helps quiet the mind and instill peace before sleep.

• Lavender aromatherapy candle 6 oz: made with 100% soy wax, pure essential oils, and lavender flowers, its aroma calms the body and mind.




Available online, and in LATHER stores in Pasadena, CA; Scottsdale, AZ; Atlanta, GA; and Fairfax, VA.

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