By Carlos Lacayo.

The Trade Commission of Peru in Los Angeles

One of the events that have become synonymous with the Trade Commission of Peru in Los Angeles is the Aspen Food and Wine Classic which takes place this June 17th to 19th in the Rockies.  Ricardo Romero, Director of the Trade Commission of Peru in Los Angeles is spearheading his country’s sponsorship of the culinary festival for the fourth year in a row. “If we want to promote Peruvian cuisine and make an impact in the mainstream market we need to work with chefs that are influential in the industry. The Food & Wine Classic in Aspen is the only food and wine show in the entire U.S. that, for three days, has the most influential chefs and restaurateurs under one tent. “We want to be where the players and the stakeholders are and be associated with them; that’s the value for us in food and wine because we not only promote Peruvian cuisine but Peru as a brand. One of our goals is to attract high income tourists to Peru and Aspen helps with that.” said Romero.

Ricardo Romero

Ricardo Romero

Ricardo Romero was appointed Director of the Trade Commission of Peru in Los Angeles in 2018. Previous to this post, Ricardo served as ABAC-APEC Business Advisory Council director for Peru, a position where he led Peru’s strategy and efforts to optimized benefits of trade liberalization in the Asia-Pacific. 


Romero was the Chairman and CEO of a consulting firm, Tradingconsult, a consulting firm he founded in 2003 that provides advisory services to public institutions and businesses on foreign trade on a global scale. He also served as Executive Director of Peru’s leading trade business association, Comexperu and is also currently a columnist in Peruvian newspaper, Expreso. The Trade Commission of Peru in Los Angeles have their hand in everything Peruvian in the Western United States. Some of their services include identifying potential American trade partners, trade counseling to Peruvian companies, and business matchmaking.  The Trade Commission has four commercial American offices in New York, Miami, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. All four offices help promote relations with American businesses by facilitating contacts with entrepreneurs and identifying new business opportunities.

Quinoa, chocolate & Pisco

Some of the items The Trade Commission has prioritized to the US include children’s apparel, Peruvian chocolates, specialty coffees, and organic and natural products, in which Peru has plenty of these high quality & demand items “One of the advantages that Peru has over other countries is pima cotton, which is one of the softest cottons in the market. In terms of food, one of the most important we promote is quinoa, of which Peru is the number one exporter to U.S. markets” Romero adds, “we’re also the number two exporter of avocados to the United States aside from Mexico.”

With a new election set to take in Peru in June, Ricardo affirms that their goals will stay the same until the new administration takes over at the end of July.  As far as the future goes, Romero says, “We’ve been doing trade missions in different cities. We did one in San Francisco and before that was Los Angeles.  This year, we’ll be doing Portland and Seattle together. So, we have plans for our office to expand beyond California. We get a lot of attention; we want that attention; we NEED that attention. We want to associate Peru with refined, sophisticated people and consumers and that’s how we value ourselves and I think we are doing a good job with that.”

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