Opening night for RIOULT Dance NY’s 2017 season at The Joyce Theater; the French-American choreographer, Pascal Rioult, began with a revival of his 1995 work Te Deum. After intermission the music of Deep Purple rang through the theater for the electrifying world premiere of Fire in the Sky with costumes by Emmy-winning designer Patricia Field with David Dalrymple, who were both in the audience along with Pat’s posse, and Susan Sarandon, Kathleen Turner, NYCB’s Ashley Bouder, Joanna Fisher, Maria Cristina Anzola and John Heimann, and Jonah Bokaer. The after party was at Il Bastardo, where RIOULT Dance NY’s Board Chair Hope Greenfield introduced each dancer in the company and Pascal thanked contributors and staff to many rounds of applause.



New York Dance photographer Sofia Negron Rioult Te Deum Fire in the Sky





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