By John Meyer

Salinas is fast becoming the go to place for an intimate date and delicious tapas. With its dimly lit interior, tables that are tucked away and a staff that is knowledgeable and friendly, it’s a tough seat to snag. It is no wonder then, that my guests and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal there recently.


From first bite to last, we were enthralled with our meal. A specialty not to be missed is the “Boquerones Ao Mojo Picon,” which delights the palate with marinated white anchovies, a guacamole oviate atop multigrain toast. These unique and complex flavors combine to create a robust culinary experience. Another highly recommended dish is the artichokes they are crispy, and accompanied by sweet candy beets, a goat cheese-lemon aioli, and toasted pine nuts. It was great portent of things to come and a truly memorable bite.

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The owner always seems to be always buzzing about and this is a great sign, showing how much love he puts into this spectacular restaurant. One aspect of the establishment that attracts guests is their retractable skylight. It’s a very thoughtful way to welcome the city into your meal! It is a unique feature and a lovely addition to the meal.


But back to the food – the foie gras is unique as it comes with both sweet (sweet pimento) and salty (pickled garlic) sides to top off the toasted bread. Pancetta Con Albaricoques – pan seared Berkshire pork belly was one of the highlights of the whole meal. A harmonious interplay of delicious fat (but not too much!) and sweetness from the apricot, it is a dish that showed the technical skill of the kitchen and one that is universally loved by guests.

I could go on like this for a while, but why don’t you thank my advice and go in for a taste yourself? With a romantic setting, proficient and friendly service and food that will knock your socks off, Salinas is a restaurant to remember. Go and I promise, you won’t leave disappointed!

136 9th Avenue

New York, NY 10011



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