By Jennifer Azzolini.

Discover the best of Australia, where wine is made in a vineyard with a cool climate and the most ancient soils on Earth.  Heavy winds travel through the vineyard, keeping it dry and cool while maintaining warmth during the day, making it perfect for bright refreshing wines that represent the excellence of Australia. This wine growing region is one of the best and a must try for Wine Enthusiasts.

Mark Lightfoot and Joe Bernard are founders of Screw Top Imports and share a passion for great wine and food, bringing together their favorites from the Limestone Coast, Adelaide Hills, Yarra Valley, the Great Southern and the Margaret River of Australia.  These regions are ideal for growing high quality wine grapes. Adding a taste of summertime, AList Wines of Western Australia is a wonderful addition to their already delicious list of imported wine.

A-List Joe and Mark

Resident Magazine guests had the pleasure of tasting both the AList Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc during the luxury watch Tourneau and Baume & Mercier event on Thursday, June 16th.


Coming from the Margaret River, AList Rosé is ripe and complex with a taste of wild strawberries and raspberries.  Nothing says summer like a perfect rosé that is beautifully balanced for a light and refreshing treat.  Always a food-friendly wine, try AList Rosé with lunch, dinner, and your warm summer evenings. Everything will taste better with this irresistible rosé.

Their Sauvignon Blanc derives from the Frankland River, a region that has been producing wine of high standards and turning heads.  This classic white wine is known for its dry, crisp taste.  It delivers an incredible aroma, while the tropical fruit flavors add to its ripeness and refreshing taste.  Their Sauvignon Blanc shimmers with elegance, and a refreshing flavor.

These two wines have a variety of flavor and character.  Pop open a bottle of AList Rosé or sip on Sauvignon Blanc as the sun goes down for a summer filled with friends and laughter.

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