Your hair is the most important thing you wear and SEVEN haircare knows it. That is why they always come out with the best product for your hair. They strive to make hair healthier and more vibrant. With SEVEN you can have your best hair day every day!


SEVEN haircare products put together the highest-grade natural ingredients with modern technology to give their clients great, healthy, and workable hair every day. They use over sixty natural ingredients to make hair feel healthy and weightless. Some of the well-known ingredients they use are: Acai Berry Extract, Bamboo Extract, Bentonite Clay, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Green Tea Extract, Guar, Honey extract, and Sunflower Seed Extract. These are only some ingredients that are used to make SEVEN haircare the best in the game! The ultimate unique feature of SEVEN is that their high-performance formula works best for stylists and it makes it easy to create flawless and healthy hair looks at home.


SEVEN haircare also just partnered up with Portia de Rossi and came out with the new Kente BOND system. This product is for revolutionary healing and has become their best-selling product. This product comes with a BOND shampoo, conditioner, and reparative spray. The shampoo hydrates and softens dry and damaged hair while the conditioner seals split ends and helps to reconstruct the broken hair bonds. Using the reparative spray will allow the hair to lock in the luster and ensures ongoing hair health. Customers have been raving about this amazing new product some even saying that they’ve seen results immediately. This product has been a game changer!


Not only are their products amazing, but so are their salons! They begin with a signature SEVEN consultation and end with the right color and cut to match each client’s face and facial structure. Their salons have a very modern contemporary feel to them with having a barista pour coffee all day long. Not only do they have a barista catering to your coffee needs while you are at the salon, but they also have a DJ in the corner playing all the right tunes. Be sure to check out SEVEN hair products to make your hair look elegant and fresh all day long!









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