Foundation: GIORGIO ARMANI luminous silk
Eyes: MAKEUP FOREVER star lit liquid Silver Dusk
Blush: HOURGLASS mood exposure Plum
Lips : GIORGIO ARMANI lip magnet Universal Red
Highlighter: NYX due chromatic illuminating Lavender
Hair: DKOYE Luxury Hair Care: Elixir, Control, Cream
Earrings: Erwin Pearl



Foundation: GIORGIO ARMANI luminous silk
Lips: MARC JACOBS lipgloss French Tickler
Eyes: GIORGIO ARMANI eye tint Gold Ashes + NYX eye shadow Epic
Cheeks: blush – Hour Glass Ethereal Glow Pink
Hair: DKOYE Luxury Hair Care: Elixir, Control, Cream
Earrings: Charles Winston


Photographer: Andrew Werner
Makeup: Andrey Girard
Hair: Daniel Koye
Model: Agnes | MSA Models


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