ShedRain brings together luxury, artisanal craftsmanship and superior engineering to create the finest quality umbrellas.  Each umbrella offers the perfect gift for the sophisticated, weather-savvy or techy family member.


For the Fashion Forward: Stratus – the ultimate in style and quality

The new status-defining Stratus Collection (winner of the Red Dot design award) brings together luxury, artisanal craftsmanship and superior engineering.  The developers literally took apart the basic umbrella and re-designed the  250+ individual parts with all new molding specifically crafted for this ultimate “affordable luxury” piece.   The patented technology gives the umbrella superior torque and strength.  The design is reinforced with the finest precision Aircraft Aluminum and Fiber Reinforced Polymer frame, a Zinc Alloy chrome detailed handle and fine fabrics coated with Teflon® for the ultimate water repellant.  Each umbrella is enclosed in a freestanding canvas case, with self-fabric lining. $85-100 at select Bloomingdales stores and




For the Tech- Obsessed: E-Motion – the first of its kind: fully automated for complete open and close action

With the mere push of a button, ShedRain’s new motorized, rechargeable e-Motion™ umbrella ( is the first to open and close completely on it’s own in one smooth motion. The standard compact Auto-Open/Auto-Close umbrellas offer closure of the canopy, but users still have to manually push the folded canopy down the handle, getting wet in the process.  E-Motion™ makes using an umbrella clean and simple by closing all the way to the handle, a true tech innovation and first in the industry. One charge lasts a full 150 openings and closings!  $99 at




For the Weather Savvy: Vortex Vent – the toughest wind-buster

The Vortex Vent umbrella features a unique Anti-Inversion Strut system that is tough enough to withstand hurricane force winds. $100 at





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