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Summers relationship with her girls is very special. Their love and devotion means the world to her, she cooks for them every day, makes sure they stay on top of their training, and spends oodles of time, telling them how much she loves them. Their health and well-being are her top priorities. Nothing makes her happier than to see them content.


Summers girls completely changed her life; she doesn’t even remember what it was like before the girls. She started with DaisyGirl. DaisyGirl came along at just the right time, a time when Summer was going thru transition. Having left a successful career as a dancer, Summer was to embark on a new and challenging world of fitness, and personal training.  The amazing doggie world  forced Summer out of her shell and as they say the rest is history. By socializing with other dog lovers, Summer states she is way more happier now then in her twenties, but looks 18.  Lucky lady…


Her DaisyGirl saw her through thick and thin, and has given her unmeasurable joy. After awhile she added Amazing Grace when DaisyGirl was 7 years old, and a year later got Angel Song and it has just gotten better for Summer and her growing family. Summer and her girls enjoy themed charity doggie events, they wear identical costumes and work with several seamstresses for a professional result. They have won trophies medals and awards. Summer and her girls raise much needed funds for animal and rescue shelters.. Awareness is very important, and why not have fun doing it


After a few years in the doggie community, Summer decided to develop a way for her clients to get fit and further bond with their companions, she focuses on smaller pets, and cooperative cats. She calls it “Get PetFit with Summer” it’s a program that tones the human body and engages the pets mind. After all  if she gets her clients to stretch like her dogs and cats its half the battle..Faster, Longer, Better, Stronger.


As you can tell, by now Summer is obsessed with her girls, she does her very best to make them as happy as possible. Funny thing is they don’t have to do anything in particular to make her happy. Just by being there has helped her to be happy and calm. It’s a special feeling she wishes foreverybody. Take good care of your dog, and your life will be amazing!


She truly enjoys scheduling her life around her girls, and as long as they are safe, She will bring them everywhere she goes. Her celebrity clients love it when she brings any one of her girls to an in-home session. It makes everything go smoother, people relax and laugh even more, and are just thrilled to have a pup there.


When she brings one of her girls shopping, she brightens the day of everyone they come in contact with. It’s so exhilarating to see their joy. Faster; Longer; Better; Stronger.


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