Times Square is known for its bright lights and voltaic energy, as tourists and locals bump shoulders, trying to maneuverer around each other. When you finally break through the chaotic membrane, which is trying to hold you back, there is a lovely meal and refreshing cocktail that awaits you at Hyatt Centric Times Square’s ground level restaurant, T45, and top floor Bar 54.




T45 offers guests a sleek modern hotel bistro, with the choice of indoor or outdoor seating for the warmer months, where you just want to sit outside and watch people zoom by. At first glimpse, the room is warm and inviting, however it also gives off a sense of convenience as the ‘on the go’ options are perfect for those who are in a rush, like most of New York City.



Executive Chef Nick Pellicione offers an array of globally inspired dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For an interesting exotic option, guests can indulge in a unique Mediterranean Dip Platter, which includes caponata, hummus and baba ghanoush. If that seems too risky for you, there are always the good old classics, including the home made pasta dishes such as rigatoni. In addition, diners should savor the fried chicken wings, covered in a yuzu chilli glaze, with a side of ranch.



54 stories in the sky is where all your heavenly liquor dreams come true. With gorgeous views of the New York City skyline, Bar 54 is Hyatt ‘s top floor bar. Serving up trendy handcrafted cocktails is the aim of the game at this establishment as they create the ultimate rooftop experience. Fine wines and light gourmet fare are also on offering, which makes this perfect hot spot for a Friday night out with friends, whether you’re staying in the hotel or just visiting.






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