With the winter season approaching, Delray Beach, Florida is the perfect getaway for tropical beaches, luxury shopping and fine dining. Located in the heart of Delray on Atlantic Avenue, the Seagate Hotel and Spa is a boutique hotel experience with all the amenities of a five-star resort. Feel like you’re 20,000 leagues under the sea…

Top Beaches of the East Coast


By Gunjan Sewhani

Rarely a day goes by that I don’t feel blessed to live in New York City — whether it is the easy convenience of the grocery store down the block that is open 24/7, or the ability to hail a cab with a wave of a hand, reasons to be in love with this city unfurl at every corner. One of the very few drawbacks we do face as Manhattanites is those scorching summer days in the city — the days that no amount of time in air conditioning or cool cocktails at happy hour can help you cool off. Dotting your summer calendars with weekend-long beach getaways is always a good way to combat this: now is the time to start planning! An array of beautiful beaches is just a road trip or quick flight away. Here are our top picks for beach getaways along the Eastern Coast.