Make Way for the Calendar Woman

Annie Leibovitz reinvents the Calendar Girl in a feminist tour de force By Rory Winston “Photographs shock insofar as they show something novel,” commented Susan Sontag while also coming to the conclusion that ‘capitalist society requires a culture based on images in order to stimulate buying while anaesthetising the injuries of class, race and sex.’…

A History of Hedonism

Ensconced within a muted realm of marble busts and ivory floors, one can still hear the faint sound of muffled tittering and languid sighs. Perhaps, Philippe the First is at it again – still wandering down a nearby corridor in a lady’s dress while watching Antoine Coypel redecorate his palace; or, perhaps, it was only Karl Lagerfeld being hissed at by Choupette after spending too much time with a new male model.