“Forever tango” Is Back On Broadway


By Barry Bassis

Forever Tango,” Luis Bravo’s spectacular revue, should begin with a warning: “trying this at home can be injurious to your health.” The tango look is not hard to master, generally a sullen expression as the dancer stares off into space. (This seeming disinterest or antipathy is rather incongruous since their bodies are wrapped around one other.) The dangerous parts are those lightning-fast foot movements that have to be perfectly synchronized or one of the dancers would end up in a bruised heap on the floor. Like jazz, the tango began in brothels and then gained respectability as its popularity spread. “Tango Forever” recreates the various styles, from ballet to ballroom and show dancing to a wonderful comic pair, Marcelo Bernadaz and Verónica Gardella, performing “La Tablada.”