By: Dr.Steven Victor Regenerative Medicine is rapidly elevating the way we approach, access and further define beauty in the twenty first century. The most modern combinations of technology and science are bringing anti-aging therapies specifically designed by the unique cells of each individual to the forefront. Cosmetic Regenerative Physicians have the newest and most innovative…

Children & Technology


By Dr. Jo Webber

Children are still often times the most tech savvy in the house.  Mobile Internet, for example, is a swiftly evolving technology and its fastest adopters are children.  In fact, in a recent survey by Piper Jaffrey we learn that the no one uses the mobile Internet more than the under 18 year old.  Almost 80% of both male and female teenagers are shopping online and 50% say that social media directly influences their purchases with Facebook currently being the most important, followed closely by Twitter and Instagram.