By: Alyssa Montalbano Maison Cubi brings a new and exciting look to the old-fashioned boxed wine we all know. Delicious, compact and fashionable, this boxed wine was founded by Philippe Mao and Gérald Stinner. The dynamic duo was tasked with a simple but challenging goal: ending the boxed wine stigma! Maison Cubi wines comes from independent French…

Soak Up Mendoza’s Luxury Spas


By Nora Walsh

As the world begins to discover Mendoza, Mendoza begins to discover the art of luxury hospitality. For years, the region has been wooing travelers from around the world with its lush, full-bodied red wines. Today, Mendoza’s finest hotels are blossoming in the realm of relaxation by offering more than just a coveted glass of vino. Two luxury properties, Entre Cielos and Cavas Wine Lodge, offer world-class spa experiences designed to renew and revive.