By Nathalie Barclay.

When going to the beach, you’re probably looking for a nice relaxing day. But just because you’re relaxed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. Your beach bag is essential in your beach day: from drinks to sunscreen, these essential beach bag products will make your day that much better.

Pocket-sized Picnic Blanket



Lightweight and practical, this is just the product you need for your beach bag. And if it’s small and just leave it in that trusty bag, you just might remember to bring it with you this time. Why is it always so hard to remember to bring that pesky blanket?

Neutrogena Sunscreen



With SPF 45 and 80 minute water resistant, this one of the best sunscreens to carry in your beach bag. We know Neutrogena as having great products for our skin, this product is no different. So go ahead, spread that sunblock and lay in the sun, though maybe put an alarm on, you never know; you just might fall asleep.


Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 5.00.52 PM


So these sunglasses are a bit more of a fashion statement, but these days it’s so easy to find the price range that’s exactly right for you. These cat eye glasses are quirky and fun, and of course practical. Because of course, we sometimes fail to remember in a quest to find the perfect glasses that the whole point is to protect ourselves from the sun.




Cheap and small, this is another one of those things you just shouldn’t forget to bring. How are you supposed to open that wine and those beers on the beach without it? So put it in your bag now before it slips your mind, you won’t regret it!

Insulated Pouch



If your beach bag is as large as mine, carrying at least a smaller insulated pouch for those cold drinks that maybe don’t fit in the cooler is the perfect solution. You also know you have dibs on whatever drink you choose, and that makes it absolutely worth it.

Sun Hat


This kind of hat is so practical. Crocheted, it’s entirely foldable and can easily fit in your bag. Paired with your sunscreen, you are so prepared for the sun, so bring on the tan. No sun burns here!

Bathing Suit
Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 5.14.44 PM


The trend these days seems to be the one piece. My first questions was “why are moving back to modesty?” I thought hot weather was the time to flaunt your toned body, lying on the beach for all to see. But these new suits are anything but boring: one piece in the front, but party and even bikini-style in the back. From cut outs to even lace-like designs, it’s time to shake up the bathing suit world and play with those patterns. They’re easily portable but have one flaw: be careful what tan you get. You just might end up looking spotty.

iPhone Case with Card Holder


This kind of case is perfect for the beach and for your bag: it combines your phone (so basically your life) and your wallet (because who uses cash?), opening up to having a slot for credit card. The color is fun and bright, perfect for warm days. And best of all: it has a mirror built in.

Cosmetic Bag


Cute and small, this kind of cosmetic bag is at once fashionable and practical. Even on a normal day, you’d be kind of lost without your emergency cosmetics because who knows when you’ll need to visit the ‘powder room’? Add benefit: this kind of material is water resistant, so no danger of damp makeup bag, or worse, damp makeup.

Beach Makeup


If you have a cosmetic bag, you obviously need to fill it with just the right makeup for your beach day. What do you need? It has to be waterproof and subtle. You don’t want to look covered in makeup when you want to tan. Here are the essentials: SPF foundation, liquid eyeliner (but make sure to use primer first to eliminate smudging), waterproof mascara, and most important of all: a good setting spray. You don’t want your makeup get ruined by the elements!

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