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As you start to plan your summer getaway with the family, there’s a few things you’ll probably want: a great camp for kids (to be outdoors as much a possible); a place where adults get some, well, adult-time (we love our kids, but still); excellent farm-to-table food, and of course, a glorious setting. Look no further than Tyler Place Resort. Sitting on 165 acres in Northern Vermont, near the Canadian border, this quintessential New England resort sits on the banks of Lake Champlain, promising amazing sunrise and sunsets and plenty of family fun.
This is the place to come for a digital detox: your family will spend the week biking, kayaking, fishing, hiking, and eating locally grown food.


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One of the biggest draws to the resort is the fact that kids go to camp each day with other kids their age and parents get a chance to connect (or play) with other parents. Grown-ups are offered amazing excursions including cooking classes, sculpting and pottery lessons, gardening classes, golf, tennis, sailing, spa, canoe tours and more. Kids are off doing scavenger hunts, fishing, swimming and team races. Everyone gets plenty of fresh air and fun. The property consists of a variety of stand-alone cottages as well as the main Inn. Many cottages have beautiful views of Lake Champlain. Most cottages have two or three bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, sun deck, and kitchen. They have bigger cottages for larger families (or groups staying together; perfect for family reunions).

Perhaps the biggest draw to this resort is the fact that meals are kid-free. That might at first seem counter-intuitive to a family vacation, but anyone who has sat through the temper tantrums of their three-year-old picky eater, knows—and appreciates—the value of an adults-only dinner. Kids eat with kids—at camp, with their friends—and parents eat in the “adult” dining room with other adults. Seating can be small (a table for two when you want some alone time with your mate) or, more common, groups of people sitting together. Letting the kids eat separately (and taking away all the challenges that go with eating with children) allows parents to really relax and feel like they’re on vacation. Plus, kids love being able to eat their meals with their friends and counselors.


tyler place
Tyler Place Resort consistently ranks as one of the top all-inclusive family resorts in the country, and it’s for good reason. Boasting one of the highest repeat visitor rates of any U.S. resort, it’s a stress-free stay for both parents and kids. Now that sounds like a vacation for all. or call 802-868-4000

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