In France, Vodka Mariette believes in the old phrase, “vive la différence” or, ‘long live the difference. It represents an appreciation and celebration of uniqueness and diversity- of being true to one’s self. This belief has driven the conception of Vodka Mariette. A vodka that is smooth, flavorful and with special presence unlike any other. Mariette isn’t just a beautiful French girls name, it actually means, “Little Rebel.”

Resident Magazine x Harry Hamlin Event 4.18.16 - photo by Andrew Werner,.._

Resident Magazine guests had the pleasure of tasting the both the Vodka Marriette Neutral and Orange & Pineapple selections during the luxury watch Tourneau and Baume & Mercier event on Thursday, June 16th.


In the heart of France, Vodka Mariette is distilled 5x using only French, GMO-free whole wheat and the purest water from the Ambes Spring in Bordeaux. It is these pure ingredients and mindful production that provide a vodka of the highest quality. This treasure begins with a neutral, soft nose and finished with a sweet, lasting taste. The Orange & Pineapple flavor of Vodka Mariette first presents a smooth, flavorsome orange nose with a hint of pineapple. Imbibers can taste an equal blending of fresh ripe pineapple and juicy orange notes with a long orange finish. It is 100% natural, and delectably smooth.

Resident Magazine x Baume and Mercier Event 6.16.16 - photo by Andrew We.._

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