By Hope Gainer

 KYBOE! (kee-boo) strutted its stuff at New York Fashion Week in September.  This is a fashion first as it’s the first time a watch brand walked the catwalk here.  KYBOE! took center stage at the main venue in Manhattan at the ARC-Skylight in Moynihan Station.  But the watches were not alone as bare-chested male models and pretty female models skimpily dressed served as accessories to the accessory.  Some models even held mannequin hands wearing KYBOE! watches.  Plus, a conveyer belt strip down the middle of the runway ran in circles throughout the show, showing off a variety of KYBOE! watches on more mannequin hands.  And the audience seats were all placed with a big foam hand adorning the KYBOE! logo for attendees to wave their fan support.  Miami’s very own DJ Irie dj’d live adding to the entertaining atmosphere while big screens showcased the KYBOE! logo and the runway show in real time.  The watch tagline, “Bigger is Better” was seen on both the underwear waistbands of the six-packed models and on the t-shirts of the security on the sidelines to reinforce the message.


The KYBOE! Show program shared some fun facts about the watch brand by the numbers.  There are 350 styles in 180 colors.  Sizes ranges from small (40mm) to medium (48mm) and large (55mm).  The watches light up with 360 degrees of LED light and they are water-resistant up to 10 atmospheres which is 100 meters or 330 feet.


KYBOE! was born in the Netherlands by best friends, Dick Sjmons and Kees de Bruine inspired by the colorful tulip flower fields in Holland.  The watches quickly gained notoriety locally. But determined to grow their brand, they took  road trips to trendy St. Tropez and Ibiza where the watches took off like hotcakes.  Divine intervention occurred when Brooklyn born entrepreneur, Marc Bell discovered KYBOE!.   It was love at first sight…and the rest as they say is history.  After collecting over 120 KYBOE! watches, Bell decided to invest in the brand and help the Dutchies bring them across the pond to the USA and around the world.  Within a short time together, KYBOE! has expanded its distribution across Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania.  Celebrities are taking notice and keeping time with KYBOE!  Big name DJ’s and professional athletes now have KYBOE! on their wrists.


What will the future hold….time will tell!  But for serial entrepreneur, Marc Bell, President & CEO of KYBOE! he sees bracelets and other accessories coming.  Everything he touches tends to turn to gold from tech to Broadway to restaurants…Bell seems to cast a magic spell.


Bell is based in South Florida and moved the KYBOE! headquarters there to Boca Raton.  This past Summer, KYBOE! watches were showcased at Miami Swimwear Week where hard bodied guys and sexy girls walked the runway wearing colorful KYBOE! watches.  Up next is Art Basel Week in Miami in December where KYBOE! will make another appearance.  And one lucky winner of the KYBOE! Instagram contest for the best New York Fashion Week photo will win a free trip to Art Basel compliments of KYBOE!


What is your favorite color KYBOE! ?


Check them out the runway at NYFW:

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