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Tired of standing in line for security check? Want to avoid delays and flight cancellations? Hoping for free check-in baggage? With WingzUp, passengers can fly five minutes upon arrival, at a private airport, board a plane without waiting in line for security checks, and most importantly, do not have to endure flight delays and cancellations. While WingzUp is a relatively young company, Ashkenazie’s interest in planes developed at a young age. Being one of the few fortunate people to witness the landing and explore the interior of the first Boeing 747 at Pan American Airways. Alan Ashkenazie gets chills from simply watching planes takeoff and land. Ashkenazie states that his family always knew of his aspirations to become a pilot.
Nevertheless, Ashkenazie went on to become lifetime businessman and owner. Graduating from New York University in 1981 with a major in business administration, he prided himself on his ability to “sell anything.”  As such, Ashkenazie entered the business of chartered flights with one goal in mind: to exceed private flying customers experience and expectations. There, he noticed that the model offered by other flight charter companies was a ‘members-only’ business approach, and as most of these companies did not own their aircraft’s, they were left vulnerable to closure at anytime. Ashkenazie decided to find a way to change this.


Prior to establishing WingzUp, Ashkenazie established direct contacts with airplane owners and operators, hoping to pave the way for an innovative company model. This enabled him to launch a “new way of charter” with no memberships and a “pay as you fly” plan. WingzUp’s flights include all the service, comfort, benefits and safety of membership and ownership of private charter clubs, but without the commitment and at half the price.



Where an average private plane charter could cost $7,500.00 per hour WingzUp “pay as you fly” plan averages only $4,000 .00 per hour.
“Having the ability to offer the same service, and amenities, without the commitment of putting up a quarter of a million dollars.” Ashkenazie takes pride in WingzUp as a “completely customer service oriented company.”  His roster of clients is amazed that he is able to offer all these benefits without any long-term commitment on their part, and are never disappointed. WingzUp’s service also offers full service catering, and 24 hour contact. They can even organize tickets to sporting events, yacht charters or book customized hotel packages. Without a membership club, WingzUp offers “all the luxury without the commitment.”


“On regular flights customers are pushed through like cattle,” Ashkenazie says, “it simply isn’t enjoyable.” Passengers endure lines, wait for hours, to be seated with hundreds of strangers where cannot dictate their personal preferences, and they do not control their flight times. At WingzUp, customers have their own plane and crew. “Everything is done on your schedule and to your service standards.” Valuing the need for privacy, and comfort, Ashkenazie also refuses offer open seats on other chartered flights and does not believe in the “hitching a ride,” concept of some of his competitors. The potential for chartered flights, according to his new “pay as you fly,” model is simply unlimited. Ashkenazie says, “We love our customers and treat them like family” and want to ensure that they are served the best way possible.”


WingzUp has flown Presidents and foreign dignitaries. They have flown musicians, and even a rapper and his band for the launch of a Tommy Hilfiger men’s underwear line. “We flew the rapper and his crew from California to Miami for a concert. After that, we flew him to New York and back to Vegas.”  During the course of the Olympics, WingzUp chartered long haul jets to Rio for musical equipment teams. Going forward, Ashkenazie noted that during holiday season, WingzUp would offer group and family chartered flights to vacation hot spots such as Mexico, Florida and Paris. Taking care of their customers prior to takeoff, while in flight, and after landing; Ashkenazie says there is “nothing his company can’t do.” Being able to offer “any size at anytime from anywhere” is Ashkenazie’s passion and promise to his clients.



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