Adult Continuing Education

By Nalini Leilani

Whether you seek a creative outlet, a shift in career trajectory, or an enhancement of your skillset, adult continuing education options in New York City are abundant. While these programs are generally thought of as a means to earn graduate degrees or certificates, continuing education programs can be excellent resources to acquire or hone a new hobby as well.

In New York City, as per usual, the options are endless. Catering to a range of ambitions, degree, non-degree, certificate, and noncredit courses are all options. Resident Magazine has featured three renowned institutions throughout Manhattan that offer continuing education programs for adults.

At Columbia University, one can go back for a graduate degree in anything from sports management to bioethics to communications practice. Quantitative Studies degrees and certificates are available in actuarial science, statistics, and more. One can also pursue a certificate in classics, psychology, sustainability analytics, or a range of other fields. Such programs are appropriate for the adult who wants to further his or her knowledge of a particular field or even start fresh and take a career in a different direction all together. Noncredit programs are also available and post baccalaureate studies are an option for the adult student preparing for a higher level of graduate study.

The City University of New York also has an expansive program base. Hunter features opportunities for adults pursuing career-related studies or looking to acquire new hobbies. The university offers classes that teach students how to play musical instruments or pick up new foreign languages. They offer certificates in real estate, music, translation, fitness, and business. If you're looking to pursue a career in interior design or even simply redecorate your home, Hunter offers an interior design certificate that can equip you to do so.

The New School comprises three divisions that offer courses and professional training certificates for credit and noncredit enrollment: Parsons, the New School for Public Engagement, and Mannes. These renowned divisions specialize in design, public engagement, and music. Beginners are welcome in all fields!

There is no better city in the world to pursue a zest for knowledge than New York City. A hub of culture, beauty, business, and so much more, taking advantage of the city's many classrooms is a smart choice for both personal and professional development. •

Resident Magazine