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The Tri-state Area’s Best Private Schools

The Tri-state Area’s Best Private Schools

By Anna Ryan
It’s that time of year again when parents start thinking about school. Whether it’s a youngster entering grade school or a teenager going into high school, we’ve got the best private schools in the tri-state area. Admissions into the top private schools have become a contact sport and we wish to only bring you the top tier. Use this guide and good luck!

The Dalton School
The Dalton School’s principle value is to focus on the all-around development of each student in intellectual, social, emotional, aesthetic, physical and spiritual terms. It is a member of the New York Interschool and the Ivy Preparatory School League. Boasting athletic coaches with collegiate experience, either as a player or as a coach, this highly competitive mentality is passed on to the athletes as ‘Big Dalton’ competes at the highest scholastic level in a range of sports. Considered to be one of the finest indoor athletic complexes in Manhattan, Dalton’s state-of-the-art Physical Education Center has a 32,000 square-foot facility, which houses two gymnasiums, one that can accommodate up to 500 spectators, a wrestling and aerobics room, a weight and fitness center, coaches’ office, a sports medicine office, locker facilities and classrooms.
108 East 89th Street

The Brearly School
The Brearly School is one of the leading girl schools in the state. It offers one of the most organized and diverse athletic programs in the country. The school is one of the founding members of the AAIS (Athletic Association for Independent Schools) and its sports teams travel the nation to participate in competitions; destinations include Brown University, the Penn Relays and Florida for spring training. 73 percent of the school faculty hold advanced degrees and the teachers pass on their expertise and extensive capabilities to the students, who are challenged to think creatively and critically not only as students in academia, but also as a responsible citizen within a democratic society.
610 East 83rd Street

The Stony Brook School
Located in Long Island, the Stony Brook School is a co-ed, Christian college preparatory boarding and day school for 7th to 12th grade students. They offer 17 AP courses and many opportunities to gain college credit. This school prides itself in educating the mind, body and spirit while also focusing on a high standard of excellence in the classroom. The Stony Brook School also boasts that 100 percent of their students go on to college, and many go to the best colleges in the nation. Athletics play a major role in the education of the body. This school feels that athletics are co-curricular and not extra-curricular. Therefore it is required that all students take part in at least two of the three athletic seasons. They compete in the New York Public High School Athletic Association and have won county, regional and state championships.
The Stony Brook School
1 Chapman Parkway

New York Military Academy
The New York Military Academy prides itself in preparing cadets for further education and to be effective leaders and responsible citizens. Characteristics such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship are all reinforced every day in and outside of the classroom. A rigorous curriculum is essential as cadets are prepared for college. Cadets are offered a tailored program to fit their needs for success. Just as academics are important, physical fitness also develops the mind and all cadets are required to participate in sports throughout the school year. Varsity, junior varsity and modified athletic teams are offered and they all compete in a variety of sports.  As the New York Military Academy develops leaders for the future, self-discipline and responsibility are evident in everyday life at the academy. Increasing levels are given to cadets as they move up in rank and the academy boasts that this unique aspect sets them apart from other schools.
78 Academy Avenue

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Avenues is one of those schools that everyone wants to get into. Their curriculum teaches students to be diverse and prepared for whatever life has to throw at them. At Avenues, students will be taught a second language and will become truly fluent in that language. Great writing and verbal skills will be instilled in all students and they will become confident because they will excel in a particular passion. No matter what their field is, art is an important role in developing a well-rounded individual and they learn to be humble about their gifts. Students will also learn that behavior makes a difference to the people around them. Developing long-life physical fitness and wellness is also an important aspect and students are ensured to gain that foundation. The Avenues Chelsea campus has a 20,000 square-foot-full-size gymnasium, locker rooms and fitness and weight rooms. With more than just academics, students will develop into exceptional leaders who will be on their way to a higher education.
259 10th Avenue

The Parkside School
Elementary school children from diverse ethnic, social and economic backgrounds who have a range of language-based learning difficulties are welcome at the Parkside School. Their goal is to teach students to pursue their areas of strength, progress in their area of challenge and develop respect and understanding for themselves and others. With a program that is tailored to the needs of individual students, they will have the opportunity to have a learning experience with a large group, small group and one-on-one. The school runs from September through June and offers a six week summer program. Not only are students engaged in academics, but the Parkside School believes that a strong program in the arts will educate the whole child. It has been found that students who have difficulties in oral expression display talents in other means of communication where they can speak more clearly.
The Parkside School
48 West 74th Street

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