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Design Projects That Inspire

Design Projects That Inspire

By Tamara Magel

This living space was designed with two thoughts in mind, to juxtapose various hues of black and white without it being so literal and to create depth. The wall-unit created exclusively in the Tamara Magel furniture shop is a bleached oak that keeps an airy, open space in this sun-filled room. For a deeper aesthetic, the metal shelves monochromatically contrast the light oak; incorporating an outlet for decor without subtracting space and substituting the requirement of hanging wall art.

The lamb wool cover on the metal-framed, wood-sleighed rocking chair alongside the iron light fixture pulls out the usage of the element in the wall unit. The rustic/contemporary relationship is brought forth through the variety of organic, natural elements throughout the room. You will find the largest space of color in the very monochromatic room is the steel-blue and turquoise tones in the printed area rug. Fusing what turns out to be a great amount of color in the open, yet detailed living area. •


About Tamara:
Tamara Magel’s work is infused by an inspired world-view of “weaving cultures” – reinterpreting heritages and local traditions into an exotic tapestry of design. Her lifestyle brand is one that is “at home in the world” and reflects a stylish and easy approach to living well. She has a love for using exceptional textiles and materials from around the world – such as organically dyed yarns, knits, macramé and beads – to bleached woods and natural stone. The interplay of inspired textures, colors, natural materials and clean lines define her distinctive, comfortable style.

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Tamara has the utmost respect for the environment and tries to utilize the cleanest approach for materials when launching her products. One of Tamara’s long-term goals is to assist in enabling women in developing countries to create better lives for themselves and their communities.

Tamara started her own interior design business eleven years ago in Washington, DC. Since then, she has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, The New York Times and Lonny magazines, among others. In 2011, she opened a showroom in New York’s Soho, to showcase her furniture, paint and bedding collections and will now be launching in the Hamptons.

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