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Zengo Test Kitchen

Zengo Test Kitchen

By Hillary Latos

If there was a chef equivalent to a DJ it would be Richard Sandoval, who has a knack for seamlessly blending Latin and Asian flavors harmonizing subtle nuances and flavors to make each unique dish his own.  Every few months his test kitchen creates new recipes paired from the flavors of a Latin and Asian country, which happens to be Peru and Malaysia right now.  From a limited time, you can try unique small plates to main dishes and desserts paired with lively libations that highlight this global fusion in irresistible combinations that leave you craving for more.  Dim sim and antojitos include a spicy crap and potato sushi that has avocado and malay curry with crispy corn, tender black bean glazed chicken satay ‘a la brasa,’ and a Malaysian take on a seafood paella.  The Char roasted skate has a bit of heat from the ginger chile marinade and sambal infused butter which can be cooled down with a refreshing Pisco cocktail made with elderflower liquor and lychee or an shiso mojito with a hint of apple.  While ice cream is universally loved throughout the world, profiteroles are filled with exotic flavors like toasted coconut or manjar blanco.  But don’t delay, this menu is only around until New Years Eve until the next pairing is created.


622 Third Ave at 40th St


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