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Beniya Mukayu Hotel

Beniya Mukayu Hotel

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By:John Friia

As the rising sun travels up the mountains of Yakushiyama it awakens the hidden gardens and visitors of hotel Beniya Mukayu. The quaint 17-room Japanese getaway embraces the cherry, maple and other trees that surround the retreat. With simple decorations the rooms are designed to compliment the unique view they offer.

Just a short plane ride from Tokyo to Komatsu, the journey to a Zen oasis becomes a reality as visitors trek up the mountains and discover Beniya Mukayu. Welcoming tourists through their open and fresh design, the hotel promotes a relaxed atmosphere. Mukayu is Japanese for “in the natural state,” and through the amenities that it has it allows visitors to leave refreshed and renewed.

There are different styles of rooms within the hotel including eight Japanese style rooms, two Western-style rooms, six Japanese/Western-style rooms and one suite. Attached to all the rooms are open-air baths, but guests are welcome to use the communal baths. The layout of the hotel gives visitors a constant awareness of the breathtaking surrounding landscape.
Komorebi-no-yu, are both indoor and open-air baths and saunas for men and women. These natural baths give numerous benefits, helping with such ailments as neuralgia and rheumatism. Adding to the relaxation Beniya Mukayu offers visitors a private library that allows people to check out books and read them at their own leisure. For others a green tea might be sufficient to renew the soul at Eiraku-An Tea Ceremony Room while sharing a friendly conversation with the owner or manager of the hotel.

Committed to serving cuisine with passion, the chefs use the seasonal delicacies of Kaga and Noto. Mukayu’s original style leaves guests wanting to come back. To compliment the meals the hotel offers various drinks, including Japanese sake and wines.

Located in the Horin Entei, the hotel’s Spa Entei Sejutsu provides a signature Yakushiyama treatment. It was created from the inspiration of over a two thousand year history of Yakushiyama at Yamashiro Onsen. The refreshing treatment uses hot spring water, which is rich in minerals and medical herbs. As guests sit in the water they feel the water and additives absorb into the body leaving the visitor in deep comfort and relaxation.

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Adjacent to the spa, is the Horin is an inviting forest. With a view of the sacred red pine tree in the center, the terrace reaches out, into the wild garden. While enjoying the view, guests can enjoy a dinner, breakfast or yoga. The red pine tree is a symbol of the belief that things that are considered useless are instead a regarded as great value. The bent and twisted tree has no use for timber; therefore it is left uncut and provides shade to travelers. Peace can be found in the shade of a tree and echoes the meaning of Mukayu.

When visitors leave Beniya Mukayu they realize that they have left their daily routine and chaotic life behind and have embraced a peaceful state of mind that encourages spiritual growth. •

Beniya Mukayu Hotel
922-0242 Kaga-shi
55 1 3 Yamashiro Onsen, Japan
(81) 761-77-1340

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