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Oh Snow Cozy

Oh Snow Cozy

By Kate Bidinger
It snuck up on us again this year, and somehow we were all surprised. Winter…the holidays. It’s time to embrace it, but you don’t have to turn your space into a winter wonderland. A few new accessories will ease us into the seasonal change. Shop online or in these local stores for cozy, (somewhat) Christmas-y, but ever-stylish pieces. The best part? You can enjoy each one of these items from the comfort of your sofa!

1.) Decorative Pillows – Swap two of your print pillows out with embellishments or festive color.

Bordeaux Silk Velvet Pillow | SoHo

Spruce Silk Velvet Pillow | SoHo

Rhinestone Snowflake Pillow | Flatiron

Allover Burnt Sequin Pillow | SoHo

2.) Throw Blanket
Snuggle up all winter with a luxurious throw blanket.

Oyuna Sirus Cashmere Throw | SoHo

Striped Wool Throw | abc Home

Luxe Faux Fur Throw | Flatiron

3.) Winter Scented Candles – Enjoy the smell of the woods, leather, and spices without leaving your apartment.

Ernesto Cire Trudon Candle
Wood, Tobacco, Leather, Clove, SoHo

Pine Bark Candle
Pine, Cedar, Japanese Cyprus | West Village

Pine and Eucalyptus Candle
The quintessential Christmas scent

4.) Tabletop Fireplace – Get lost staring into the flames on a sleek eco-friendly ethanol burner.

Cube Ventless Fireplace

Conmoto Carl Martens Apollo

Moda Flame Beja

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5.) Glassware – Indulge from interesting glass.

Ultima Thule Old Fashioned

Candy Dish by Oswald Haerdtl | NoHo

Vera Wang Wedgewood Sequin Bowl | Chelsea

6.) Trays – Serve guests or to stabilize your drinks and snacks.

Madeline Weinrib Stripe Ikat | Upper East Side

Swing Design Elle Lacquer Tray | Upper East Side

Evergreen Tray | NoHo

Selections by Dapper Homme’s founder Kate Bidinger. Dapper Homme is an interior design and concierge service for busy professionals. Accessible tiered packages for customized living solutions. [email protected]

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