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Patiala, A Taste of India

Patiala, A Taste of India

By John Friia

One of the many goals while living in Manhattan is finding delicious food at an affordable price that delivers to your apartment. With numerous types of cuisines, the possibilities of where to eat are endless, but if your taste buds are craving Indian cuisine check out Patiala in Hell’s Kitchen.

While entering Patiala, the scent of the spices enchants the air and makes visitors feel they traveled to an Indian city, instead of a New York eatery. Looking at the board filled with entrees, sides and vegetables it is hard to make a decision, but after examining all the choices I decided to try the Chicken Chettinad and Mattar Paneer. Wanting to immerse myself in the culture I decided to stay and sit in the small section of seating.

With one bit of Chicken Chettiand, the pepper and curry flavors took over my taste buds and I could not have had enough of the dish. To finish my visit I had a side dish of green peas with cheese and creamy sauce, which is known as Mattar Paneeer.

On another cold night, I didn’t want to leave my apartment – and why should I when Patiala is more than willing to delivery lunch or dinner to my doorstep. The restaurant allows people to order meals online and have it brought home. Instead of walking along 34th Street in layers of clothes, I was curious to see how long it would take for the food to be delivered. Within a half an hour, the apartment transposed itself into Patiala’s kitchen.

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Whether people like chicken, lamb, shrimp or some of the other wonderful signature Indian dishes, like roti, Patiala brings the feel of Indian into Hell’s Kitchen. With it cravings for this exotic and unique cuisine can be satisfied anytime. •

371 W 34th St.
(212) 564-8255

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