Creating Christmas Cheer

By John Friia

New York at Christmas is a special time of year. Crowds gather around the big tree in Rockefeller Center, gaze at the iconic window displays and discover new Christmas shops that put anyone into a cheerful mood. Yet it could also be a stressful time of the year when it is time to decorate your home, because carrying a Christmas tree through the subway and streets of New York isn't the most joyful thing to do. Trying to find a solution to this problem I discovered SoHo Trees that took the stress away by decorating my apartment and allowed me to fully enjoy the wonderful season.

After heading to one of their eight locations and browsing through the numerous types of trees I selected my favorite, and the best part was about to begin. The elves at SoHo Tress offer a delivery and installation service, that makes it convenient for the busiest New Yorker. Once the tree is up the fun can began as I decorated the tree with lights and my childhood ornaments.

"Our trees are imported throughout the United States, including Oregon and North Carolina," stated Chris McGuire, Online Marketing Coordinator from SoHo Trees. Known for their tall trees, visitors should not be surprised to see some of them as tall as 12 to 15 feet.

Not only specializing in deliveries and installations, but SoHo Trees offers decorating services. Supplying the lights and ornaments or using the ornaments of the customers' choice, the elves transform the tree into a stunning display of holiday cheer. Perfect for personal and corporate use, the elves create a winter wonderland that caters to the client's needs.

"Living in New York everyone is in a rush," stated McGuire. "We are here as a solution for the hectic New Yorkers that want Christmas cheer."

Hang up one of their signature hand wrapped professional decorated wreaths and enjoy the bright colors of their Poinsettias. The smell of evergreen, pinecones and the precious scents of what makes Christmas special spread throughout the house, making people reminiscence of past childhood Christmases.

With locations throughout Manhattan, the flagship market is located on 6th Avenue and Spring Street. Within the market there is a store that sells all types of lights, tree toppers and ornaments. Instead of going to the corners and picking up a tree from the local supermarket, McGuire explained that they offer a unique experience for every person. "Walk throughout the market and people will feel like they are in the country instead of downtown Manhattan," he stated.

"Visit one of our stands, email or call us to order your tree and decorations in time for Christmas," stated McGuire.

For over 30 years, SoHo Trees has spread joy during this season and allowed people to celebrate not stress. This Christmas head to one of their markets and find the perfect tree. Let SoHo Trees convert for home into a little piece of the North Pole.

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